Turn Your Favorite Hobbies Into Money-Spinners

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Everybody right from your school teacher to friends to your interviewer would have asked you this question "What is your favorite pastime?" or "What is your hobby?" And more often than not, you come up with an answer like "I like watching TV, I like listening to music, like reading books" But do you think this is what hobbies are all about? Isn't there anything more than that? Let us take a detailed look at this interesting subject.

First of all, did you guys know how the word hobby was derived? During the 12th century, King Henry I raced horses called hobby horses. These were tiny horses and not the regular ones. The king took efforts to cross breed these horses and improve their abilities and make them better racers. In the 15th and 16th century, falconry (the art of training falcons to hunt and return) emerged as a popular pastime. In both the cases mentioned above, only rich people could take up these activities as a pastime. Thus, horse racing and falconry were the first popular hobbies. Fortuitously, today we have oodles of hobbies to engage ourselves in. 

Hobbies can fall into any of the following categories:
* Collecting 
* Stress relief
* Mind games
* Outdoor Adventures
* Science and Nature
* Weekend Getaways
* Nesting at Home
* Traditional Craftwork

Money-spinning hobbies:

Will you say no to a hobby that turns out to be a money-spinner? Well, there are not one but many. Scroll down and take a look at some of the hobbies that can stockpile your pockets. 

Are you a sports lover? Do you keenly follow bowling, skiing, or tennis? It's okay if you are not confident enough to make it to the professional level. If you are really passionate and have a good knowledge about the sport, then why not consider taking classes for beginners? By doing so, you not only engage yourself in a sport that you love the most but also make some extra money from it. Advertise your skill and expertise in the local newspaper, on the bulletin boards of grocery boards or at your nearest sports store. Hopefully, you will have a bunch of students within a month or two.

Have a penchant for making crafts? Then why not convert it into a money-making hobby? Make a sweater, shawl, or blanket in your free time and try to sell it to interested people. These hand-made crafts can shoot up the mercury especially during the festival seasons. Contact the schools, clubs or churches in your area and let them know about your skill and interest. Come up with a relatively cheap offer and this could prove to be a great source of money for you and your family.

Have a fondness for history? Visit a local museum and let the concerned person know about your interest to become a volunteer. Thus, you not only get a chance to enjoy the historic collections over there but also get an opportunity to make extra money out of it. 

If gardening is at the top of the list of your favorite hobbies, try to take it up as a part-time service. There are a multitude of shut-ins and elderly people who are not able to maintain their garden. Offer your services for a nominal fee and you could earn a pocketful of money. 

Some of the other money-making activities that you can indulge yourself are taking evening classes for schools, colleges, cooking, chess class, dance class for beginners etc.

Collecting hobbies:

The most popular collecting hobbies are Numismatics (collection and study of currencies) and Philately (collection and study of stamps). This can also be a lucrative hobby. For instance, a one-dollar silver coin made in the 50's or 60's might fetch you as much as 500-600 dollars today. Such is the demand for old currencies and coins. This is primarily due to the fact that they were made of pure silver. Plus the non-availability and the demand for such collectibles really add up to the high price. As a matter of fact, statistics reveal that there are about 125 million coin collectors in the U.S. alone. Numismatics can be a lucrative and informative hobby. Philately is another affordable hobby that can also be very informative. Philately brings back the nostalgia of history and historical events and it helps the students to know about famous personalities. If you have preserved the rare stamps from the 30's or 40's then that could be a priceless collection.

Nevertheless, these priceless collections are very valuable and they need to be protected and preserved. So, it would be wise to install a security system such as the ADT Home Security System to safeguard your valuable possessions.


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Turn Your Favorite Hobbies Into Money-Spinners

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Turn Your Favorite Hobbies Into Money-Spinners

This article was published on 2012/01/05