Tips for Finding a Boyfriend

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The most important thing you need to do when browsing for a man is to look in the right place. Having an idea in your mind of who you want to form a relationship with is utmost. Often people find making a list of the things they want or don't want helps narrow down the field of search.

Quite often, at the top of that list is whether or not you want children. This may be a deal clincher and make or break a long term partnership. Sometimes it is best to have a slightly more hard headed approach to future happiness and pair up with someone who already shares your interests and hopes. So if you absolutely want a family, getting together with a guy who has had the snip may not be the greatest idea.

The same applies for other things. If your hobbies include clubbing, socialising and going to bars you may not be best off looking for him in the local bird watching society.

Chatting to a man about his hobbies is probably the best way to get him to open up to you. Being keen on a man often means being interested in his hobbies, so take care! Of course it is fun to have some differing interests and hobbies, as long as there is plenty for you to rub along with. If you really have zilch in common, then your association may be brief. For example, if you're a person who is interested in glamorous clothes and hotel breaks, would you really be best suited to life with a pig farmer?

Once again, ask yourself what you are looking for in your relationship. If all you want is a short term relationship then ignore what has been written, but if it is not, you need to think carefully about the difficulties of an attraction based purely on a nice smile.

Occasionally in order to find someone you have to be bolder than usual, however this doesn't mean you should be expected to revert to the 'blind dating' of your high school years. A relaxed meal out with friends may be more subtle than the 'whoops two singletons pushed together' at a more formal dinner party. Plus you'll have the advantage of being in a 'neutral zone' rather than someone's house which might help promote a greater sense of intimacy in conversation. Meeting for drinks before going on somewhere else, may be an opportunity that your friends can provide to help you find someone of mutual interest.

If, however, you are at a party though, it cannot harm to at least show the correct signals towards a potential suitor. Looking downwards and being introverted will not get a rush of guys beating towards you! Maybe this is basic stuff, but being happy and smiling at people does help. If you dread chit chat, think of a few things to talk about. It is okay to feel shy in a room full of strangers, the other person will probably feel the like you do, try and be yourself and relax! Be where most of the people are in order to talk to as many as possible. Many times this will be in the kitchen or wherever the food and drink are located!

Plain and simple has its place, but if you are seriously on the look out for another guy you need to glam up. No matter how hard you plan it, you may simply run into a potential boyfriend in the most mundane situation, so taking extra time to do your hair and makeup will be a definite plus.

Just to say it once more, be calm and smile! There is no one whose features do not improve when they smile. This doesn't mean looking crazy or insane, simply making sure you don't appear hostile or uninterested. Feeling and looking contented spills over to other people's image of you and will help attract like minded people.

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Tips for Finding a Boyfriend

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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