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Curious about what materials are best for you and your swimming needs? Take a look at the quick breakdown below and learn how different types of swim caps can improve your comfort level in the water.


Newer to the swimming gear race are swim caps made out of durable silicone. Slightly thicker than other materials used, as well as less pliable, these caps are known for their tight fit and sleek profile. If you have long hair, then this is definitely the cap for you. Most high-level competitive swimmers trust in silicone caps during their most important races. The Aqua Sphere Aqua Glide Silicone Swim Cap by Aqua Sphere is well respected and trusted swim cap. Complete with ergonomic ear pockets, this cap is virtually impervious to slipping off, reduces surface tension and is shaped to fit comfortably on your scalp and over even the thickest of hair.


Stretchy and tight-fitting, latex is one of the most popular materials used in swim cap production. Latex is completely water-proof and fits tightly to your scalp, reducing drag and shedding  seconds off your lap time. Because they are so elastic and stretchy, most latex caps are come in uniform one-size-fits-all shapes. The Water Gear Latex Swim Cap is extremely lightweight and has an anti-tear edge that makes it ultra durable in and out of the water.


For the end-all, be-all in swim cap durability, rubber was one of the first and remains a favorite material for swimmers. While rubber might be the least pliable out of the group, its tight fit and almost-impossible to rip structure is sure to keep your head streamline during any race entrance or turn. Water Gear Rubber Swim Cap is a perfect example of quality rubber design. This one-size-fits-all cap is known for its heavy weight and durable anti-tear edge.


Lycra spandex caps are quite different from other swim caps. They are soft to the touch, and especially stretchy. The fabric used doesn't necessarily do a great job with drag and won't keep your hair dry, but when it comes to ease of use, lycra is king. Often, these soft and pliable caps are used under other, more rigid caps for an added layer of comfort. The Water Gear Lycra Swim Cap is well-known for its easy fit and long wear, able to keep your head comfortable, no matter how long your training sessions last.


If you are an outdoor swimmer, or perhaps a triathlon participant, then swim caps made from ultra insulated thermal materials are perfect for you and your swimming needs. You'll love their soft and comfortable fit, as well as peace of mind that your body's temperature will be better regulated during distance and triathlon training sessions.


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The Barracuda Hot Head Swim Cap is one of the best if you need to keep your entire body insulated during tougher swimming sessions. These caps not only provide excellent heat-insulating protection, but also come with an adjustable chin strap to ensure that they stay in place no matter the water's condition that day.

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Swim Cap Material

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Swim Cap Material

This article was published on 2012/06/14