How To Get Over An Ex Boyfriend

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Getting over an ex boyfriend is never as easy as we want it to be, but there are some things you can do to make it easier. Here are some quick tips and ideas that helped me, and hopefully they can also help you to get over your ex. I guess the best tip is to just find Mr. Right sooner, but that hasn't worked for me so far.


Lots of times, all we want to do after we break up is just hide from the world and cry. Rather than giving in and giving up, find something you were interested in and start doing it. I personally lean towards physical hobbies usually when I'm getting over an ex boyfriend, for two reasons. First, I like how exercise makes me feel. The positive energy just cuts through the emotional pain and helps clear everything away for me. Workouts have been shown to have a great overall affect on your mood and how you feel. And second, it helps me know that I'm doing everything I can to look good and stay active in the world. I feel my best when I'm doing yoga regularly and making it to a couple of cardio-kickboxing classes a week. And this helps me stay positive, as well as knowing when I see my ex I'll be looking my best. That always helps me, too.

Whatever you decide to pick for a hobby is fine, just make sure it gets you out of the house. Ladies, eating icecream on the couch is not a hobby, it's a cry for help. Find something even if it's a little outside your comfort zone and just start doing it. Even if it's as simple as walking for twenty minutes every morning, do something.


Now, listen closely before you just run off and start hitting on strange men in bars. When I say meet someone new, I really mean, meet several new someones, or go out and be in places where you can meet several new someones. Again, the point here is to keep living your life. Be willing to go out, be willing to talk to people. Don't rush into anything heavy right away, just keep a fresh perspective and talk to new people. This goes hand in hand with your new hobby, whether it's meeting someone at the park or at the gym. The best way to get over an ex boyfriend is by meeting the next one, but the real focus here is just on social interaction at first. Anyone we get hurt the natural response is to shut ourselves away. Fight that by staying out in the world and talking to new people.


When you do hit the inevitable nights where you're wasting time online, rather than stalk your ex on Facebook and Twitter, try planning a trip somewhere you've always wanted to go. Even if you can't take a real vacation for a year or more, just look at different places you'd like to visit, things to do, places to stay. This will help you focus on something positive that's in your life, rather than dwelling on any negative crap that's leftover from your relationship.
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There's no perfect answer for how to get over an ex boyfriend. The best solution is always just to keep living your life and stay active and interested in new people and new things. The best revenge is living well and having fun.

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How To Get Over An Ex Boyfriend

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This article was published on 2011/02/11
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